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The Case of the Deadly Desperados

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Introducing P.K. Pinkerton, Master of Disguise
When twelve-year-old P.K. (Pinky) Pinkerton’s foster parents are murdered by Whittlin’ Walt and his gang of ruthless desperados, Pinky goes on the run and is forced into hiding with Ma’s priceless last possession: the deed to a large amount of land and silver mines in the Nevada Mountains. But relying on disguises will only keep Pinky hidden for so long, and the desperados are quickly closing in . . .
Narrated by the incredibly lively Pinky, this thrilling high-speed chase through the Wild West will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

P.K’s First Case

My name is P.K. Pinkerton and before this day is over I will be dead.

I am trapped down the deepest shaft of a Comstock silver mine with three desperados closing in on me. Until they find me, I have my pencil & these ledger sheets and a couple of candles. If I write small & fast, I might be able to write an account of how I came to be here. Then whoever finds my body will know the unhappy events that led to my demise. And they will also know who done it. This is what I would like my tombstone to say:

P.K. Pinkerton
Born in Hard Luck, September 26, 1850
Died in Virginia City, September 28, 1862
‘Ye are all one in Christ Jesus’ Galatians 3:28

P.K.’s Second Case

My name is P.K. Pinkerton & I am a Private Eye operating out of Virginia City. At the moment I am in Jail in the shadow of a hangman’s noose. It is all because I tried to solve the biggest mystery here in Nevada Territory and protect a girl who witnessed a terrible crime. If I write an account of what happened then maybe I can convince the jury not to hang me by the neck until I am dead.

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